“BSP-Contract Cell Works has introduced online RA-3 form for LTE and LTR cases which is available at buyjuction portal. Vendors are requested to fill up the RA-3 form online before placement of Online Price Bid. Hard copy of Techno Commercial (TC) bids are not required to submit after that”

Sourcing of Power Cables

M/s BHEL had authorized mjunction to act on their behalf for the procurement of Cover through On-line Competitive Bidding. Upon conducting the On-line Competitive Bidding Event, the Purchase Order(s) will be issued on the selected bidder(s) by the client.
The online competitive bidding event was conducted as part of the price bid evaluation and finalization process

Business challenges

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  • Client expectation from mjunction to trained vendor and to do smooth and successful online Negotiation as early as possible.

Our approach

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  • Strategy: Seal Bid followed by Reverse Auction.
  • Vendor Priority: 5 New Vendor was trained and all query regarding online negotiation was completed successfully .
  • Commitment: Mjunction completed Event witin One day from execution to training successfully.


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  • Cycle Time - Within One Day
  • Saving Achieved - 10 % from Seal Bid Price
  • STransaction Value - Rs 2.54 Cr
  • Vendor participation – 100 % participation