About buyjunction


An overview

buyjunction is a part of mjunction services ltd. that helps businesses streamlines procurement processes. mjunction services ltd is a SAIL and TATA Steel joint venture that started as metaljunction.com in 2001 for selling steel on the Internet. Through buyjunction, mjunction offers a wide range of sourcing services that help businesses to achieve greater process efficiencies.

What we do

The business environment today is more complex and competitive than ever. Businesses have to increasingly focus on optimization of input and sourcing costs, inventory levels, and maintain efficient supply chain processes besides managing supplier relationships. For any medium-to-large scale enterprise, dealing with procurement complexity easily becomes a deviation from focusing on the core-competency of the business.

That's where we come in. As the sourcing unit of mjunction, we have repeatedly demonstrated how difficult sourcing and procurement problems can be solved by turning the purchase process into a competitive edge. At buyjunction we make sure that our Sourcing Services Excellence Model delivers value in terms of cost and time savings to our clients.

Business Model of buyjunction

Online Price Discovery
Outsourced basis /
Self Source basis
Own RA platform
Managed Sourcing
ASP Mode / Turnkey basis
On clients'/third party platforms
On MJ e-Proc platform
E-Procurement Platform
Onsite cum Offshore Model
Own platform /
Partner's platform
Aggregated Buy Program
Centralized Offsite Delivery
Assisted Sourcing
Domain Category Consulting

Source Industries: Steel & Ferrous Metals

Value proposition

Saving cost

  • We put strategic focus on your non-strategic buys
  • We work with various methods to save costs
  • We do not earn, if we do not bring you savingsv

Reduce cycle time

  • We use concepts of TOC in supply chain
  • We use technology tools to reduce cycle time
  • We have a 60+ member in-house technology team
  • We have dedicated team for expediting deliveries

Support growth

  • Our motto is to work hand in hand to support capacity expansion
  • We can cover end to end i.e. from source to procurement to payment
  • Our support consists of on site, near site & off site teams
  • Our reporting and governance structures are simple and transparent