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Aditya Aluminium Asked to Return Land

IDCO has asked the Aditya Aluminium to return 135 acres of land acquired by it for its green field project of Aluminium Park at Lapanga after the State Government did not give its approval to the project. The issue came to light after Aditya Aluminium sought permission to acquire 22.69 acres which were left out of acquisition erroneously.

Aditya Aluminium by mistake had not acquired 22.69 acres of land located in Tileimal village (1.22 acres), Dharopain (1.33), Bomaloi (4.86), Khadiapali (3.41), Derba (4) Lapanga (6.86) and Pandloi (one) belonging to 57 families. By the time Aditya Aluminium realised the mistake, it was too late as the land in contention was surrounded by land already acquired by the company.

Since official acquisition of land is a cumbersome process, Aditya Aluminium authorities reportedly got in touch with the land owners and after a bargain, ` 16.5 lakh per acre was offered to them.  The company has already paid ` 3.20 Lakhs per acre to the people whose land has been acquired.

However, Aditya Aluminium came in for a shock when IDCO denied to give its permission for fresh acquisition of land and asked it to return 135 acres of land which it had been allotted subject to the condition that the State Government approves its plan for the proposed Aluminium Park.

Aditya Aluminium had applied for 2300 acres including 135 acres for the proposed park. IDCO gave possession of 2042 acres of ryoti land for setting up aluminium smelter plant and power plant as per the MoU.

But when Aditya Aluminium expressed its desire to acquire 22.69 acres of land which it had missed out upon, the case of acquisition of additional 135 acres of land came to the fore and IDCO has asked it to return the land. Special Land Acquisition Officer Ashok Singh said identification of 135 acres acquired by Aditya Aluminium for the proposed Aluminium Park is underway.

Source: New Indian Express