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LME aluminium targets $1,639-$1,657 range in three months

LME aluminium may drop into a range of $1,639-$1,657 per tonne in three months, as indicated by its wave pattern and a Fibonacci ratio analysis.

The uptrend from the Feb. 24, 2009 low of $1,279 to the May 3, 2011 high of $2,803 has been reversed more than 61.8 percent, as revealed by a Fibonacci retracement analysis on the trend.

That indicates a remote chance of the uptrend to extend, as the extension should have taken place above $1,861, the 61.8 percent retracement.

For a few weeks, aluminium has been hovering below this key level, such a behaviour has significantly increased the chance of a further drop to $1,739, the 76.4 percent retracement.

However, support at $1,781 is preventing the drop and probably will cause a rebound to $1,861 or a sideways move for two to three weeks.

This support is provided by the 76.4 percent Fibonacci projection level of a downward wave (c), which started at the Jan. 3 high of $2,184. The next support will be at $1,657, the 100 percent projection level.

Strategically, the target range of $1,639-$1,657 will be confirmed when the metal drops below $1,758, the June 27 low.

A break above $1,861 may result in a further gain to $1,983, the 38.2 percent projection level of the wave (c) target.

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Source: Reuters