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Mining paralysis rendered 1 lakh jobless: Vedanta Resources' Anil Agarwal

Ban on iron ore mining in Goa and Karnataka is not only hurting the economy but has rendered as many as one lakh people jobless, Vedanta Resources chief Anil Agarwal said on Wednesday.

“Paralysis in iron ore mining hurting industries and people sentiments, has put Goa and Karnataka economy in shambles, leaving 100,000 jobless,” Agarwal said on a micro-blogging website on Wednesday.

The message comes against a backdrop of the mining ban hitting the two states hard. The government has already said it is keen on starting ore mining and exports. Vedanta group has been in the business of iron ore mining and exports for more than 50 years. As per the company, it has been producing, prior ban, about 20 million tonnes of iron ore.

FM P Chidambaram has recently said that the mines ministry would move the apex court seeking relaxation in some of the orders passed on iron ore mining in Goa and Karnataka. In April, the Supreme Court partially lifted the ban on mines in Karnataka.

PM Manmohan Singh had also made a case for increasing exports of iron and other ores. Before the ban, India was exporting iron ore worth over $7 billion, making it the third-largest global exporter.

However, after the 2011 ban on exports of most categories, the shipments plunged to 18.37 mt in 2012-13 from 117.4 mt in 2009-2010.

Source: Financial Express