Recognition e-sourcing service provided to JSPL by mjunction serviceslimited
It hasbeen our pleasure to note that the delivered Transaction

Mr. Manoj Kr Bhatt
DGM Purchase - JSPL Raigarh

It hasbeen our pleasure to note that the delivered Transaction Value ofgoods and services e-sourced by JSPL through mjunction serviceslimited (MJ) has seen significant increase year–on-year. MJ hasbeen assisting JSPL with their e-sourcing services includingpreparation of RFQs, suggesting new bidders and conducting onlineReverse Auctions on regular basis. We look forward to receive anincreased support and value addition to our e-sourcing activities, infuture endeavors.

Ourassociation with MJ has started more than five years ago and has beengrowing in strength ever since, especially during last couple ofyears. We have been deriving immense value from the services renderedby MJ in terms of fulfillment of our evolving expectations likereduction of prices from respective benchmarks through innovativeauction strategies devised and deployed by MJ. The services of MJhave also been extended beyond Raigarh and at all our other Units forwhich MJ is regularly conducting e-sourcing activities / reverseauctions.

Theproactive support and involvement of your Client RelationshipManagement team in engaging across all levels and all our Units, arealso worth appreciating. We hope that this vigor of MJ would bemaintained and increased, during coming days as well, to cement ourever growing, successful and ‘win –win’relationship.